Friday, May 3, 2013

Fashionista in Jannah

change your focus, 
change your life. 

I used to focusing on how nice is my hijab,
how fashionable I am with hijab.

I try to show the best appearance of Islam with fashion,
which I think is a part of dakwah.

I think by appear to be a fashionable muslimah
with colourful hijab and accesories,
with flowy skirt,
with colours on my face,
I could attract other girls to become just like me.
To cover aurah perfectly.

but deep inside my heart,
I feel different.
I felt something that I know it is wrong.

but I deny the feeling.
I just ignore the feeling.

I keep watching more tutorials on how to style my hijab,
follow those muslimah that appear to become famous because of their beautiful muslimah fashionista,
I follow their blogs, their facebook page, their youtube videos, their instagrams
So I think I would get more inspiration to be inspire others.

I keep doing this for couple of months.

I do aware the all the attention I got either from the girls and
the boys , of course.

I started to feel something that is not right here.
Even I already cover my aurah perfectly,
I wear socks, i wear loose dress and shirt,
I wear big hijab or shawl that is big enough to cover my chest,
I don't feel that I am closer to Allah.
I don't feel that I am much more calm with Islam.
I am not spiritually happy.

Boys should lower their gaze.
Girls should cover their aurah perfectly.

I think it is not only about covering perfectly,
but I have to consider also about 'not attracting their attention'
whether the attention of the boys or the girls.

I think I am not fulfilling the real definition of covering aurah and being modest.

You are wearing big shawl, labuh enough to cover your chest, but still boys staring at you with jaws dropped
They are attracted to you.
They fancy you.
They send request on your facebook.
They follow you on your twitter
They read your blog
They follow your instagram.
They dream on you
They imagining you

Because you appear to be attractive muslimah.

Girls love you because you are beautiful with fashion.
Your hijab is stylish
Your outifit is fashionable
You have many crushes on you *koff koff*
You are still muslimah yet you are famous.

I felt so wrong with this.

it feel like I am using Islam to get attention.
I am using Islam to be popular.
to the like
to get the compliments
to be favourited

If in this dunya I appear to be beautiful with expensive dresses and accesories,
Am I eligible to get the same quota with those bidadari ?
who appear to be the most beautiful woman of Jannah in their palace,
who is the queen of their kingdom
with the breath taking beauty
dazzling garments

layak ke nak dapat semua tu bila dah merasa kat dunia ?

A muslimah should inspire others to be spiritually beautiful
Beautiful with modesty
lowering our gaze
guard our interaction with opposite gender
stay close to al quran
keep in touch with Allah all the time
gain more knowledge everyday

so we can together achieve to be mukminah
and strive together to be women of Jannah
to be the most beautiful women in our palace
with the most beautiful heart
with sacred love to Allah and Rasulullah (peace be upon him)

to appear to be beautiful with fashion and stylish hijab is not haram.

but to appear beautiful with akhlak and imaan are much valuable

increase our spiritual level to Allah.

this dunya is deceiving
and it appear to be more attractive day by day.
so then we have to stay strong.
protecting our precious iman to Allah

May Allah make us as sincerely muslimah
cover aurah and being modest just to please HIM

May Allah increase our iman
and beautify us with beautiful heart and character

May Allah bless those muslimah and mukminah
who got mocked and cursed just because they wear hijab.

our focus is spiritually beautiful.
shift the paradigm from only focusing on being physically beautiful.

Let's strive to be women of Jannah
Where you will get the title
'killing with smile'
because you are the most beautiful women alive for your husband ^^