Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Dua on my 19th

Whoever accidently visit my blog or come here purposely want to read it, I hope you guys willingly to say ameen for each dua I made today (18.8.2013).

Today I turned 19th in Allah's willing.

May Allah make it easy for me to memorise Quran.

May Allah make it easy for me to understand Quran in a way we should understand it.

May Allah fill my heart with Quran, the teaching from it, all the things that muslim should applicate in
life through al-Quran.

May Allah make it easy for me to learn Arabic (Fusha) so I can understand Allah's words in my prayer.
So I can experience a beautiful moment talking to Allah directly in my prayers.

May Allah grant me from His blessing a husband and zurriyat so they will become my Qurrotun a'yun.

A soleh spouse and soleh children where they are very pious and love Allah more than anything else so when I see them, I will shed tears because of their piousness and sincerity towards Allah's Deen.

May Allah make me enable to bath my children with Quranic teaching, fills our home with Nur from the Quran so the next Quranic generation born inside my house.

May Allah make me the leader of muttaqeen among my children, so I won't be chained by any ignorance in my lineage on the Judgement Day.

May Allah give me the strength and the wisdom to raise up my children in the bestest way so all of them will become among the people who establish the deen in Rasulullah SAW way.

May Allah grant My family and I and you (the reader) the highest place in Jannah, so we can be with our beloved Rasulullah Saw and his family r.a.

May Allah protect us from the Hellfire, the Jahannam, so we don't have even to see it !

May Allah protect our family from shamelessness that could destroy our character and human being.

May Allah give us the ultimate understanding of Quran and strength to applicate it in our life so we can gain the rahmah from Allah SWT.

May Allah have mercy on us in the Judgement Day, where no Guardian but HIM only.

May Allah protect we and our family from fitnah in this modern world especially the fitnah of Al Masih Ad-Dajjal.

May Allah give us the rigtheous company that will remind us of the Hereafter.

May Allah give us strength, health, and sincerity in doing dakwah to HIM.

May Allah give strength, sabr and peace to all our brothers and sisters in Egypt, Syria and Palestine.

May Allah grant all the martyr the highest place in Jannah.

May Allah give us the best knowledge and wisdom to live this life according to the sunnah Rasulullah SAW.

May Allah give me wisdom and lead me to make the rigtheous prayer in my life.