Friday, December 10, 2010

Haruhi ! The Innocent+sincere thought ! Chapter 17

Recently , I read Ouran manga ~ it's about Haruhi' grades . She always become top 1 of her year ~
But somehow , little careless have brought her to 3rd place just above Hikaru and Kaoru .

Then she have to study to sit on make up exam to support her scholarship . She study . Then she said sumtin to Ayame that move me a lot .

" I'm thinking about the ranking , it just good enough I'm not been expelled . The thing is , I have a goal . 
I just want to see how far I can go . What others think is irrevelant , isn't it ?....

what her saying MOVED me a lot!!!!!!!!!!~ it just , what did she say is truly true . 

1st of all ... Why I'm studying ? Why ? Why ? why ? even me myself couldn't answer that kind of question . 
In our life , we must ! must question back , why on earth we are doing something ~ 

HM ... I'm studying to see how far I can go . Very sincere ~ very pure ~ yet , moved me a lot ! 
Haruhi is really intriguing girl . She really don't mind what others would say about her , and gender is not a big 
issue for her , what inside of that person is all counted . Such interesting person . 

And because of herself , her character , her sincerity , her innocently being , her courage , her unselfishness , 
she ended up being with a bunch of the most beautiful guys that love her as much as they can and just want to be with her and help her in no matter condition ~